Aug 7, 2010

So What Did We Do With Those Barn Doors?

I showed you the barn doors we picked up at the Highway 127 Yard Sale, remember?

yard_sale2010-008Here’s one of them still on the trailer in the field.  We’ve finally gotten past that”gotta have it” stage, and now we calmly discuss a piece, where it will go, if it will fit in any of the pitifully few spaces we have left,  and whether it’s a wise purchase.  Then we buy it anyway.  Mr. Big Brown Dog suggested that these might make a nice headboard for the guest room.  I really wanted them somewhere in the main part of the house, where we could enjoy them all the time.  So they ended up in the living room.  Here’s how they got there.


Here’s the first one, upside down on an old painter’s drop cloth.  The piece of wood at left is part of Mr. Big Brown Dog’s clever hanging system.  He cut two pieces of wood for each door.

barndoor5 One piece of wood is attached to the back of the door with drywall screws.


See how the wood is cut at an angle on one edge?   This is part of the magic.

barndoor4Here is the second piece of wood, attached to the wall.  It’s been predrilled and we have been careful to locate the studs in the wall and screw into those for security.  This is an awful photo, but you can almost see the angled cut at the top of the board.  Then we lifted the door up and slid it down over this board, locking the angled edge of the board attached to it into the V groove made where this board is attached to the wall.  Magic!


Here are the two doors, complete with rusty hinges, mounted in the corner, next to each other.  Our mustard colored walls are looking greener than they are.

barndoor3 Another view.  I love the wooden latches!  Amazingly, there are no dogs in these photos.  Rest assured that they did supervise the entire project. 

Have a happy weekend, from the Dog and me.


  1. Oh Jan!!! What a GREAT IDEA!! I love that you will be seeing these beauties each and every day.....have a wonderful Sunday ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  2. wow...those look really great...adds so much character!!! Hugs Susan

  3. OMG Jan!
    Those barn doors are simply WONDERFUL and I want them! =)

    That Mr. Brown Dog is a handy and clever man!

    The doors look Great in your space!


  4. Love what ya'll did with those doors! Looks really nice and very inspiring!

  5. Oh Jan, I LOVE those doors and what you did with them! You're so clever! And I took careful note of Don's hanging system too!!!


  6. Thanks for all the kind comments. It's nice to know we're not the only primitive crazed folk! We live in a very traditional area of the country, and we don't fit in with tastes here. I've decided it doesn't matter, but it's nice to know you all agree.

  7. Jan,

    Love those barn doors ! And they are very nicely displayed ! Very clever !


  8. Oh wow, Jan! They MAKE that corner and turned it so cozy!!! Perfect!!

  9. Genious how they were hung. Very handy indeed! I love them.

  10. Jan I love them too! MAF I have one like them. Wish I had a pair I would be tempted to do the same thing. Right now mine is outside and I use it as a background for my pictures.Hugs~~Pam