Aug 6, 2010

New Free Tags and a Very Big Yard Sale

yard_sale2010-002 The Dog and I live in Tennessee, about a mile off of Highway 127.  Anyone who watches TV or reads magazines is probably aware by now that every August, a phenomenon occurs along that Highway known as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale”.  The sale extends from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama, 675 miles, which is a mind boggling amount of junk.  We usually make a one day outing,  and travel 80 to 100 miles along the Highway, and that’s what we did this year.  We’ve learned that going south from home seems to be the best pickin’s for us, but I know everyone has their own opinion.


Old, rusty farm implements are a big favorite.  None of these will fit on a John Deere, so now they’re Decorator items.  These first two photos are from an area about 10 miles north of Pikeville, Tennessee.  As you can see, groups of sellers set up together in many areas, and lots of them are dealers who have come from a long way away.  Lots of antiques and primitives, but here are also lots of folks with all their unwanted baby stuff, tires, clothing, auto parts, etc. set up in front of their homes.  And the typical swap meet folk with t shirts, socks, sunglasses, STP are out as well.  It’s a real mixture, something for everyone, I guess.



It’s impossible for me to show the magnitude of the sale.  Imagine driving for 80 miles with a yard sale every block or so.  I think you might have to see it to grasp it, it’s really overwhelming.

This table of treasures was just a bit north of Dunlap, Tennessee.


This is where we made our big score of the day.  See the barn door on this trailer?

yard_sale2010-008It’s one of a pair, and they now live at my house!  You might also notice that the trailer is wet.  We had rain showers, thunderstorms, high winds, and blazing sun, all in one day.  Not unusual for summer in Tennessee, but it made it very hard on the sellers.


Here’s Mr. Big Brown Dog and the former owner of the barn doors, carrying one to our vehicle.  This man was from Kentucky, and sells “junk” year round at the Nashville Fairgrounds swap meet.

yard_sale2010-016See those two brown lumps in the background?  Those are cattle grazing next to the Lookout Mountain Volunteer Fire Department yard, where about 100 sellers were set up.  A very large part of the Highway in Tennessee is very rural, and farm animals abound.  This was our last stop.  A huge rainstorm, with lightning and high winds came up, and we decided to head back north, driving through the storm for about 40 minute.  We saw lots of tents blown around, tipped over and destroyed, unfortunately.  It was a tough day to be a seller.  We had a fun day, in spite of the weather.

New Free Tags!

It’s time for some new free tags, from DigitalAntiques this time something more toward Fall – Squirrels.   Click on the tab in the sidebar to the right to download your copy, ready to print and use.  The Dog and I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Great I would go ga ga many things I would love for my home...we just don`t have that amount of stuff antique or primitive in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the Tags!!! Hugs Susan

  2. It's amazing, isn't it, Susan? Normally, we don't either, except for the occasional farm auction, but there is the one week each August. Kind of like Brigadoon.

  3. OH MY!! I DO LOVE LOVE LOVE The Longest Yard Sale!!

    I WANNA CRY!!!

    Ive been going the past 5 years. And it is my most favorite thing to do!! Seriously, my idea of heaven!! ;)

    But we werent able to make it this year. I couldve drove down for the day in Crossville. But I wasnt going to be able to do the trip down to Chattanooga, like we ususally do.
    So rather than go and be rushed for time ~ I opted to miss it this year!!
    Now I wish I wouldve went!! ;)
    Just look at all the Yummy Goodies!!

    I am so happy you went and had a good time.
    Isnt it just the greatest experience!! I hope one day to get to do Brimfield!! :)

    Take Care,

  4. Sorry you had to miss it, Tammy. We always have to do it as a day trip, because of our livestock. I'm spoiled, because it's all around here, and so close.

  5. This looks like a collector's dream! I can see why you were tired out after searching for finds along a 100-mile stretch! Thanks for sharing these photos and I'm glad that you found some treasures to go home with.

  6. This looks like a collector's paradise! I can see why you were tired after a day of searching for finds along a 100-mile stretch of highway! Thanks for sharing these fun pics. I'm glad to hear that you came home with some treasures!

  7. Jan, there's one up on the Finger Lakes of NY state that's 50 miles long and was a huge disappointment when we went last year. Now...yours sounds like anyone can hit pay dirt anywhere along the route! Cool stuff!

  8. Jan THANK YOU so much for the pics. We have neighbors who go to this event and I tell ya they always come home with the goodies. One day Dan and I will go come heck or high water! How on earth did you have the strength to leave some of those weathered and rusty goods behind! Oh to have to choose!

  9. That looks like heaven! We have Brimfield here!

  10. Diane, I'm sorry that the Finger Lakes sale was disappointing. Remember there's a lot of just plain junk in this one too, I just took photos of the stuff I like.

    Carol, it was fun to share a bit of the sale in pictures. When the house is as crammed as it is, the choices get a lot simpler.

    Lynn, I have dreams of Brimfield! From the photos I've seen, it looks unbelievable.

  11. Hey Jan!

    Love the pics...we went on Thursday. It was so much fun. I think we ended up driving 350 miles in one day! Good thing my husband has a Prius. LOL! I'm hoping to get my photos posted tonight. It's funny how we went to the same place, but what I took photos of is so different from yours. I think that's so cool!

    Karen :)

  12. OMG Thats a little bit of heaven right there. I would LOVE to have a big purse full of cash and a truck & trailor and a few days to hit some of that.I might pass out from the heat though ;)
    Just from your pictures I see somany things I would want to grab. Thanks for showing us pictures.Peace~~Pam