Jan 11, 2012

Kate Greenaway Tags and Labels

New in the Digital Antiques Etsy Shop this week, designs based on the delightful illustrations of Kate Greenaway.

This set includes 4 Post Card size tags, and    label sized designs.

The Dog and I hope you'll like them.

Jan 4, 2012

New Year, New Freebie!

I hope everyone has recovered from the Holidays, and you're ready to start crafting again.  I've decided it's time for a big reorganization and clean up in my workroom, formerly known as the garage.  It's a great space, but not perfect, and nowhere near any of the studios you see all over the web.  It's a good thing I like Primitives so much, since it was put together with pretty much no budget, and the cupboards and tables have been scrounged.  I got a  heater for it last year, so now I can use it in the Winter, too, which is great!  

Here's a bit of inspiration for your work.  Use these cards for tags, enclosure cards, journaling, or whatever strikes your fancy.  I plan to make some art using these as backgrounds and adding layers.  I'd love to know what you come up with. Happy creating!

 Have a wonderful week, from the Dog and me.