Jan 14, 2010

Down on the Farm

Here on the farm, we've been going through the same very cold and snowy, freezy weather that the rest of the South and Southeast has been going through. So, lots of time spent unfreezing pipes, and hauling buckets of water for the livestock.

The weather is improving now, back to 40's in the daytime, which makes the animals and the people here really happy.

I've been staying in, keeping warm, and working on new things for DigitalAntiques on Etsy. New Valentine Cupids, and a set of Valentine Labels. Think Love Potions, and some other fun labels for jars or boxes.

Make a fun, decorative display, or use for Valentines or Tags.

Valentiney wishes for you, from the Dog and me.

Jan 3, 2010

Valentines and New Free Tags

Even though the Christmas decor is still in place here on the farm, the Dog and I are getting ready for Valentine's Day. I've been working on new downloadable tags and collage sheets for my Etsy shop, Digital Antiques

Here's a peek at the latest - French Valentines! It was fun working with these beautiful portraits, and trying to remember my high school French.

There are 6 different designs, and they come in two sizes. Available in my Etsy shop.

Hearts were flying all around today, so I couldn't resist making a new page of ephemera embellished hearts to share with you all. Here's a sample, and there are 6 designs.

Just click on the "Free Valentine Images" button in the sidebar, and download to your computer.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Dog and me.