Mar 27, 2012

Early Spring

We're having a very early Spring, this year.  Everything is blooming, including the things we usually don't see until April or early May. 

My Wisteria will be finished blooming in a few days more, and the Forsythia is already leafing out.  The Redbuds are blazing all around, and the Dogwoods are blooming.  I can't believe we aren't still in for another freeze, but with temps in the 70's, it's hard to imagine.

We leave tomorrow for a trip to visit our first Grandchild.  He lives in Fukuoka, Japan, so this will be a big adventure for us.  Our son moved to Japan when he graduated from UCLA, and has lived there for the last 22 years.  He and his wife, who is Japanese, welcomed a baby boy in January.  It's hard having family so far away, so this will be a joyful visit, with the big plus of a baby to meet and cuddle.

I'll be available by email during our travels, and keeping an eye on my Etsy shop, which will stay open for business.  I hope to have some fun photos to share along the way.  We return April 9.

Happy Spring, from the Dog and me.

Mar 20, 2012

The Mailman Honks Twice

Living in the country as we do, when the mail carrier drives up and honks, it's an exciting event.  It almost always means a package that won't fit in our mailbox, and my little heart beats faster. Could it be my quilt fabric, or that book I ordered?  Anticipation!  But when I know I haven't ordered anything, and something unexpected shows up, that's a big day!  Thanks to my BFF Pam, from Goldieloo Woodworks, I had a big day.
Look what came to my door yesterday!

Pam makes wonderful Gameboards and Signs, and I have a growing collection of her work.  This charming little Checkerboard is one of Pam's newest offerings, and it goes just wonderfully with a couple of others that I have hanging in my dining room. It was such a sweet and generous thing for her to send it to me. Thank you, Pam!  I really love it.

You can see Pam's work at her website, Goldieloo Woodworks, or at her Etsy shop.  They are great Primitive accents for any home, and make wonderful gifts.

Thanks again, Pam, from the Dog and me.

Mar 13, 2012

Apologies for the extended silence, but even though I haven't posted, I have been working away.

"Me and My Dog" is a new set of digital images based on Vintage photos.

I had a lot of fun with this one. There are 8 different images, on two 8.5" x 11" sheets, ready for you to print and use in your projects.  Available at Digita l Antiques on Etsy.

Here's something else I made, and this is for  TDIPT Mercantile.  

Available tomorrow night on my TDIPT page, Big Brown Dog Primitives.
Be sure to check out the wonderful  work from all the other artists on the site, while you're visiting.

Have a great week, from the Dog and me.