Jul 19, 2009

New Blog Banners

Is it time to freshen up your blog, or decorate for the upcoming season? I just remodeled this blog, and it reminded me that it was time to make some new Blog Banners to offer on my website, Big Brown Dog Graphics. Four new banners are available now, with more to come shortly. Here's a sample:

You can see them all on my website.
Banners are $8.00 each, which includes customizing, with your name and Blog tagline. Just email me to purchase.

Custom banners are also available.

Thanks for stopping by, from the Dog and me.

Jul 14, 2009

New Work on TDIPT Mercantile Tonight

Tonight is my night to update on TDIPT Mercantile, and it's been fun working with the "Christmas in July" theme.

This Santa is from my "Cupboard Folk" series. All are based on my love of antique illustrations and photos, and are hand cut, colored and aged with care.

You'll also find Angel Girls, a trio of Gentleman Bears, and some charming children there.

The Dog and I would love to have you drop in.

Jul 10, 2009

I think you might find this as enchanting as I did. If you do, you'll also enjoy reading the blog written by Rima Staines. It follows the travels of two young Scottish artists, who live on the road in Great Britain, like modern day gypsies. She is an amazing painter and illustrator, and you willbe charmed by her work.

Orla Wren - The Fish And The Doll from Tui Wren on Vimeo.

Jul 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. ~Louis D. Brandeis

Jul 1, 2009

Simple, Free Photo Editor

I thought I might mention an interesting and simple, free, web based Photo resizing program which I ran across . It's called "Resizem". It's still in beta, but it's really simple to use, and it has an easy crop tool, as well as the ability to add a watermark to your photos.

Nothing to download or install, just go to the site and follow the instructions. I do recommend that you click on the "Tour" link, and watch the video which looks a lot like something the teenaged geek next door would make, but is helpful.

There are also some special effects that you can use for your photos, including brightening, darkening, sepia, and grayscale, which changes your photo to a black and white version. You'll find these under the "Filters" menu.

Simple and free are two good things when it comes to managing your photos and images, so I hope you find this helpful.

It's Christmas on TDIPT

Be sure to visit TDIPT Mercantile this month! All of the artists have joined in to bring you "Christmas in July", and there are lots of wonderful things to see. Original work at it's very best.