Aug 11, 2010

An Old Pastime, and some new Images


I just recently finished this quilt.  It will have a place in our living room, across from those Barn doors.  I had gotten away from quilting for quite a few years, but recently went to a little trunk show of just the kind of Folk Art quilts I love, and I’m inspired again.  Although I can’t spend as much time quilting as I would like to, it makes a nice change from staring at the computer.  I love creating digital graphics, but it’s very satisfying to me to manipulate fabrics as well.  Having something you can touch at the end of the project is comforting to me, and gives me an excuse to collect fabrics and buttons, and all those endearing things.

I’ve also added another set of images to my Etsy shop, Digital Antiques.  This time, it’s a set of Vintage Birthday Images.



Drop by the shop, if you have a chance.  You might find something just right for you.

I hope you will have a terrific day.  The Dog and I will be trying to keep cool, which might be impossible unless the weather changes here. 


  1. Love the quildt...I can't quilt to save my life LOL...The quilt is so cozy...especially love the colors & wee crows. susan

  2. Hi Jan~
    I love the colors of your quilt..makes me longingly think of hot here today! I am thrilled with the Witches Daybook Images and Poison Labels...I will be having lots of fun with them I'm sure! These new images are great-love the sepia.
    Have a great day!

  3. Jan, I love this! Primitive quilts and anything else primitive appeals to me. I love mixing it with lace and other frills just for fun.
    It's almost time for me to get out the gourd and pumpkin primitive quilt I made a couple of years ago. I can't believe I actually pieced it accurately! LOL! Not my strong point.
    Blessings and happy quilting!

  4. Thanks for your kind comments!

    Susan, I guess we all have our strengths. As much as I love the wee folk you make, I can't do tiny things well.

    Joyce, I just love hearing that you like the images. I hope you have lots of fun with them!

    Diane, I hope you'll be sharing your Pumpkin quilt on your blog. Fall is my favorite season, and I'd love to see it!

  5. Love your quilt Jan,I wish I was patient enough to do that. Great color choices.
    I love the b-day images too.

    ~~HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ~ Pam :)))

  6. Hey Jan, I love all of your work. Your folk art quilt is just my style. Will you be doing any more in the future? I wish I knew more about assembling a quilt. Anyway, great work!

  7. Your quilt turned out beautifully, Jan. Gets me in the mood for autumn!