Feb 20, 2012

This Morning on the Farm

Here's our morning view today.  We're in middle Tennessee, not far from the border with Kentucky

We've had a very mild winter this year, so this is probably the biggest snow of the year for us, so far.

Everyday things are looking a bit magical, with that frosted look that always reminds me of the fairy tales about the Snow Queen.

Barn chores are a bit more of a challenge in this weather, but some things never change.  For the Donkeys, the priorities are always the same.

The Dog and I wish you a terrific day, no matter what your weather is like.  Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Beautiful photoes, Jan- here the snow has almost gone, for now, who knows if there are more to come....
    Wish you some happy fairy tales dayes.

  2. Love the photos,still some snow here in Mi. but has been a mild winter as well. Hugs

  3. Beautiful pics Jan ~ here in WI the snow is almost gone ~ what little snow we had. Suppose to snow on and off all week ~ but warm temps, so it will all melt.
    Your donkeys are adorable!
    Prim Blessings

  4. Donkeys at Christmas...too dear!