Jun 29, 2011

Weekly Inspiration.....Again

One of my biggest inspirations lately is Pinterest. Have you discovered it yet?  It's a brilliant idea for anyone who loves the visual world.  Basically it's a Bulletin Board, where you can save images you find on the web, categorize them, follow other folks finds, and spend time wondering at all the visual riches available to us.  For me, this is social media I can appreciate.  Visit, and you'll probably be hooked too.

Here are some inspiring images for this week, to add to your collection.

This is a cover from some sheet music from the 1890's.  Imagine wearing that outfit to your next outdoor party!

Appropriate for the upcoming weekend, this is a wonderful Patriotic image by Ellen Clapsaddle.  GAR, by the way, stands for Grand Army of the Republic,  a group formed for veterans of the Union Army who served in the Civil War.

Lastly, here's a great Uncle Sam image for the Fourth!  I love the mischievous look he has.

The Dog and I wish you a wonderful weekend and a great 4th of July!


  1. I, too, enjoy Pinterest. I happened upon it while doing an internet search for my owl pincushion and noticed someone there had "pinned" him. Thank you for sharing the beautiful images. The sheet music one is especially neat. Love the pink frock.

  2. Pinterest is a new favorite of mine, especially after I added the Pinterest Marklet to my... ummm, thing at the top of the screen.

    Can you tell I'm not very computer literate? ;)

  3. Hi, Jan!! Your Long Lost Follower has returned!
    Loving the images you have shared! Thanks and hugs to The Dog!