Jun 22, 2011

Traveling this Summer?

Summer is blazing past this year, with lots of heat and lots of rain and thunderstorms here in Tennessee. Gardening has been a challenge to say the least, but we did get tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash and cucumbers going. I'm hoping for a good tomato crop this year, to freeze for the winter. We eat tons of pasta, and making sauce from home grown tomatoes has spoiled me for commercial sauce.

Summer is the traditional time for vacations and travel, so here are some images along those lines. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge before saving to your computer.

Why don't I ever have time to read in the hammock?  

I love these summer colors!

Isn't this a great border?

I couldn't resist including the inner cover of the last book, as shabby and worn as it is.  Lots of possibilities  in these images, so I hope you'll enjoy using them in your artwork.  

The Dog and I would love to have you pop in to Digital Antiques Etsy, or Digital Antiques Artfire to see all the new downloadable designs to print and use.   Thanks for stopping in.

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