Dec 5, 2010

** Snow is Falling All Around **

We have had snow falling all day, here at the farm.  Big soft flakes that don’t last too long, but it is our first snowfall this Winter.

penny_snowman This wonderful Snowman, “Mr. Snowy Drifters”,  is holding one of my Digital Antiques tags.  He was sculpted in Paper Mache by the very talented  Penny Streit , “Folk Art by Penny”, and I wanted to show you all the photo she shared with me.  It always tickles me to see what others do with my graphics.  You can read more about “Snowy” on Penny’s Blog,  and you can bid on him at Penny’s eBay auction.
I’ll be back soon with a new tutorial or two to share with you. 
Stay warm and cozy, that’s what the Dog and I will be trying to do.


  1. This is wonderful!!!

  2. Jan! Thanks for featuring my work. I can't get enough of your graphics. Just gorgeous. I am thinking I will also print some on fabric and sugar up some projects. Penny