Oct 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I had some personal stuff come up, including a bit of  surgery on my eye, so now I have  new Digital Antiques  to share with all of you.



Use these Enclosure Cards, made with wonderful old frames and printer’s ornaments, for tags, gift cards, journaling tags, and labels.  Write your own message in the blank areas.  Available in my Etsy Shop, Digital Antiques as a digital download you can print yourself, as many times as you like.

christmas_girls_web1 christmas_girls_web2

Here are my “Girls of Christmas” tags.  Nine different designs, taken from Antique Christmas Cards, with a subtle, layered background.  Also includes three extra labels, one blank and two with “To” and “From”.  Make a set to use with your gifts, and another to give as a thoughtful gift.  Offered at Digital Antiques on Etsy.

The Dog and I will be back soon, stay safe.


  1. Hi Jan, hope you are ok again,dear.
    Your new sheets are wonderfull as ever- love the halloween ones.

  2. Jan, can't wait to use the downloads I just bought from you!!! I love your work!

    The Christmas tags you're offering for free don't enlarge when we click on them. :-(

    I'll post pictures of my creations with the downloads I bought as soon as I make something from them! :-) They're gorgeous!

    Hugs, Diane