Oct 5, 2010

It's Crow Time!

We're really into Fall here in Tennessee, with cooler days and cold nights, down into the low 30's.  The trees are turning and dropping their leaves.

It's time to move on, past Halloween designs and into Christmas.  I know this.  But sometimes I seem to be "Stuck in a time warp again", to quote Rocky Horror.  This set of tags with Crows and antique timepieces really isn't Halloween, but it sure isn't Christmas, either.  It's just one of those designs that had to get done so I could move on, I suppose.

These are large tags, 3" wide x 5.2" tall.  I love this size, since it really makes a statement, but still fits on cards, album pages, and can even be framed. These would also be fun to use in altered art or collage.  These new Crow Time tags are available in my Etsy Shop, Digital Antiques, along with a nice selection of other designs for all seasons.

Thanks for dropping in, from the Dog and me.

1 comment:

  1. I Love those...me thinks I will need some of them made up with my business name. Cheers, Susan