Feb 16, 2010

Spring? Not Here!

Here's what the farm looks like today:

We have had snow storms for more than two weeks now, which is nothing to many of you in many other parts of the country, but is not normal Winter for this part of Tennessee. It just makes everything harder, and gives me great respect for those who settled here without all our modern conveniences. Our livestock is just a hobby, but if we were real farmers, we'd need to be out in this all the time, seeing to the herd or the flock. Our horse, donkeys and cats are tucked into barn stalls, with food and unfrozen water, and the dogs are always with us in the house, so we all have it pretty easy. We are still all tired of snow, and ready for a change.

I've been spending the indoor time working on new things for
TDIPT Mercantile

One of the pieces, the Three little sisters with the fan and heart, is to raise funds to help Haiti, and all the proceeds for it's sale will go to the Red Cross.

And, I've been designing some new downloadable graphics for crafters, which are available atDigitalAntiques on Etsy, so drop by for a look.

I've also made some new free Spring Floral tags for all of you. The "Spring" in the title is wishful thinking on my part.

Download a copy of all three tags by clicking on the tab in the right sidebar.

Enjoy......from the Dog and Me.

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  1. Jan, I'll be glad when spring gets here too. We have not had a winter in Philly like this in a long time. It was very pretty at first, but now I am over all the snow. Hang in there and BTW...love your new creations.