Feb 23, 2010

Birds of a Feather

This little Folk Art Bird on a Pincushion Tuffet is my offering on eBay right now. Along with the other members of TDIPT, I'm participating in a group launch. The theme is "Birds of a Feather Create Together", so there's lots of Birdie goodness to see - just type TDIPT in the search bar.
It's been a while since I made anything with fabric, and I enjoyed getting back to it for a change.

I've also added some new printables to my Etsy shop, and more are in the works as well. We're back to cold and snowy weather, so creating at the computer is cozy right now.

Here's a peek at one of the new Vintage Sheep, which come as tags and bookmarks, in six different designs.

Have a splendid rest of the week, from the Dog and me.


  1. Wow! Your Pincushion Tuffet is really adorable!

    I am now headed over to Etsy to check out your new tags/bookmarkers.

  2. The pincushion is so unique. Very nice idea.