Mar 21, 2009

Want to brighten up your Desktop for Spring?

I happened on a great new site today. I love changing the wallpaper on my desktop, but the choices have been thin until lately. I've found a few new resources with free wallpaper that's much more to my taste, and perhaps to yours, too. I'll share them all with you, but today let's start with this one.

In the mood for bunnies? How about this?

Or what about a dreamy, Spring forest?

They're available, along with a whole group of other fun choices, at Kindred . I like the whole site, and the concept. They make downloading really easy, and it's interesting to read about the artists. I think you'll find something you like, too.

Have a great day, from the Dog and me.


  1. What a kewl site, Jan! Thanks for the tips you are always so very generous to share with us all! Hugs, Starla :)

  2. wow, i must check this out Jan!!

    thanks sister