Jul 22, 2012

New for Halloween

I've been working on a new Halloween Printable for quite a while, and it's finally ready to offer at Digital Antiques.  I had this recurring idea for a while, and I finally settled down to the work and put it together.

This is a Vintage Halloween Page a Day Calendar.  There are 31 pages, plus the cover, and the idea is to display it, and turn over a new page every day, from Oct.1 to the 31st, Halloween.  I loved the Christmas Advent calendars when I was young, and I think this might be just as much fun.  

It was a BIG project, and ended up with 11 pages of downloadable jpg files, plus 4 pages of background paper.  I've also included an 8 page file of tips and suggestions on how to make it.

All you need to do is print the images, cut them out, and decide how you'd like to display them.  The included Tips have several suggestions for doing this, and of course you may have lots of ideas better than mine.

I have a lot of other Halloween printables HERE, In case you're a Halloweeniac like I am.

The Dog and I hope that you like these, and thanks for visiting. 

1 comment:

  1. Jan so imaginative what a great idea, but you always have something wonderful in the making!
    Love it!