Apr 3, 2012

The Japan Chronicles - Part One

While the Dog waits patiently at home, Mr. Brown Dog and I are visiting our family in Japan. This is my third trip here, and #5 for Mr. BD.   Our son has lived here for 22 years, since graduating from UCLA, and presently lives in Fukuoka, which is on an island at the southwestern side of Japan, almost directly across from South Korea.  Fukuoka is a fairly large city, with over a million in population, and very cosmopolitan, a big change from life on the farm.  

This is the view from our hotel room, on the twelfth floor.  The wonderful barrel roofed building is a big fire station, which includes ambulance services as well.  To the left, you can see part of a school, with the playing field for baseball and soccer.  You can get a bit of the feeling of the city in the background.

This is a great place for walking, and on the first morning here, we walked around the block and found this walkway and bridge across one of the inlets from the sea.  The trees are cherry, which are just beginning to flower, and the building is the Fukuoka Dome, home to the local baseball team, the Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks. 

 Cherry trees are planted all around the city, and this is the perfect time to enjoy them.

The big reason for the trip this time is the arrival of our new Grandson, who was born in early January.

This is one of our first looks at him in person.  Such a good, quiet boy, and so wonderful to hold him in our arms.  He has a traditional Japanese first name, Kanade.  His family call him Kana.

On the day after we arrived, there was a traditional ceremony to mark his 100th day of life.  They were kind enough to plan this during the time of our visit, so that we could share with the family.  It was held at a Shabu-shabu restaurant, with low tables and floor seating. 

Here is part of the family around the table, with me holding the honored baby, along side his Uncle and Aunt.  Shabu-shabu is a kind of hot pot cooking, and thin sliced meats and vegetables are cooked in a broth which is simmering in the center of the table.  

Here is more of the family, including Kana's Japanese Grandmother, his wonderful Cousin, and his lovely Mother.

These are the ceremonial foods that are presented to the Baby, and they include several kinds of vegetables, Tofu, seafood, and rice.  They are offered with the special chopsticks shown at the left of the tray.

The food is offered to the baby, and touched to his lips, but he does not really eat the food.  The rock on the tray is touched to his lips as well, to give him strong teeth.  

We are so proud of our Japanese family, and so thrilled to have been able to be with them for this very special time.


  1. You & the Baby are Beautiful...

  2. Oh how lovely to visit Japan and what a handsome grandson you have! Hugs

  3. Thank You for the peek into Japan!

    What a lovely family gathering.
    The the guest of honor is a blessing and it looks as if you are having a good time.
    Wishing you and hubby a safe trip back home!

    Hugs, Audrey

  4. What a precious little one! Enjoy every moment of your visit.

  5. How special Jan...thanks for sharing...will look forward to more updates. hugs Susan

  6. What a great visit! So glad you got to spend time cuddling with those cheeks! What a cutie!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! What a precious boy! and now i'm hungry seeing that Japanese food. Looking forward to seeing more on your trip.

  8. What a lovely family! Your grandson is adorable. I was hoping you would share photos from your trip! It was so neat to see some of the Japanese traditions. My husband's brother is married to a woman who is originally from Japan. So glad I stopped by today.

  9. Pass me that rock! ;)
    Oh Jan he is simply adorbale and your son is a very nice looking man.The city looks very interesting and I too am looking forward to more pictures. Hugs~~Pam

  10. Jan, it has been so much fun seeing all of the Japan Chronicles, from 1 to 4! It's so very interesting to see the customs, and the shops and culture from an average American's standpoint. Your family is beautiful, and what a sweet little grandson you have been blessed with.

    thank you for sharing your trip with us.