Mar 20, 2012

The Mailman Honks Twice

Living in the country as we do, when the mail carrier drives up and honks, it's an exciting event.  It almost always means a package that won't fit in our mailbox, and my little heart beats faster. Could it be my quilt fabric, or that book I ordered?  Anticipation!  But when I know I haven't ordered anything, and something unexpected shows up, that's a big day!  Thanks to my BFF Pam, from Goldieloo Woodworks, I had a big day.
Look what came to my door yesterday!

Pam makes wonderful Gameboards and Signs, and I have a growing collection of her work.  This charming little Checkerboard is one of Pam's newest offerings, and it goes just wonderfully with a couple of others that I have hanging in my dining room. It was such a sweet and generous thing for her to send it to me. Thank you, Pam!  I really love it.

You can see Pam's work at her website, Goldieloo Woodworks, or at her Etsy shop.  They are great Primitive accents for any home, and make wonderful gifts.

Thanks again, Pam, from the Dog and me.


  1. Wonderful gameboard !!! Love the colors!!!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Dear Jan, how beautiful they are all, and what a fantastic gift. I know the joy of the mailman knocking ,too-I`m in the country ,too-

  3. What a great gameboard from Pammie. I love her work and it looks wonderful hung with the others. Enjoy your sweet gift.

  4. Your most welcome Jan. Its just a little something to show you my apprecation for all the help you give me all the time.Hugs~~Pam

  5. Just catching up with you, Jan. Have been AWOL from blogging and crafting and busy with work and assignments.
    LOVE the gameboard!! Have always been a fan of them too. I know just what you mean about hearing the mailman's horn honking! Or when hubby goes out to get the mail and says, "There's a box for you!" lol Yesterday it was a new Charles Martin novel hot off the presses that we've been waiting for. Days before it was a papermaking book that will inspire some messes this summer when I can take all the pulp and goo outside! lol
    Enjoy spring!
    XO Diane