Aug 26, 2011

Images and Inspiration

Today I'd like to share some wonderful typograpy and illustrations from "Ackerman's Repository of Arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions, and politics".

Ackerman's was a British magazine about style and taste, and was published between 1809 and 1829.  Just looking at the frontispiece for  the publication gives you a clue to the ambitious nature of the project.

Here's a simple Morning Dress from the period.

And then, just slip into this little number for the Ball.  You have one just like this in your closet, I know.  And we all have the tiny feet and ribboned slippers.

You can make some wonderful Art with these images, I'm sure.  Click to enlarge, then save to your computer.

Happy Friday from the Dog and me.

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  1. Love the typography, Jan. Thank you for sharing it.
    :-) Diane