Jul 19, 2011

New Halloween Tags and Some Inspiring Images

I'm in the mood for Halloween, which is lucky since I need to be adding to the Halloween Image collection at Digital Antiques.  I'll admit it, I love the dark and spooky side as much as the fun, costumed side of the holiday.  Just the idea of the possibility of actual magic gives me goosebumps - the good kind.  What about you?

Here is a new set of tags based on Graveyard images and Grave Stones.

This printable, digital download  is perfect for Halloween cards and invitations, or to make tags and collages.  Available at my Etsy Shop, and my Artfire Studio.

I do have some great images for you to download today.  I hope they'll be inspiring in your art work and your crafting.

I love this illustration - the quality of the pen work is wonderful!  Think about adding  your own touches of color!  So sweet.

This is from a Vintage trade card, advertising soap.  She has such a haunting expression. And a wonderful hat!

Finally, here's a great frame for you to use for note cards, journaling, photos, labels, and whatever you can come up with.  I loved the graceful, delicate quality of this one.
Have a happy evening, and stay cool as best you can, from the Dog and Me.

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