Mar 1, 2011

Some Odds and Ends

First, let me direct your attention to a great giveaway! 
 TDIPT Mercantile is celebrating a Birthday!
To celebrate, the Artists of TDIPT are offering you the chance to win one of 
10 wonderful, handmade gifts.

Get all the details on the TDIPT Blog, and enter for your chance at a gift.

New on Digital Antiques

Vintage Easter Postcards 

Great for tags, cards, decor, whatever you'd like. 
Available on Etsy or Artfire.

Vintage Easter Photo Fantasy

These are just fun, created from antique children's photos, and great old Easter Postcard art.  Four images and 8 eggs, ready for your Easter craft projects.

Available on Etsy 

There is actually some green grass poking it's way up in our pasture right now.  I'm sure we'll have another blast of cold weather before we're done, but the Dog and I are enjoying it while it lasts.  I hope there's some good weather at your house.

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  1. Jan! How could I have forgotten it was you who told me about the Jessica Sprague site! I am forever indebted. I am amazed at the doors that one little free class opened and I still don't know half of what photoshop can do...or my my camera for that matter! One of these days I'm going to save up my money and do the Oh Shoot class.

    Thanks for the other websites you left me. Can't wait to check those out!