Feb 9, 2011

The Latest Buzz

I have some really neat photos to share with you today! 
Click to enlarge for details.

These wonderful cards were made by Dawne, fromthe Etsy shop 

She made them as a special order for a customer who wanted a gift for a Beekeeping friend.

She used the images from my "Vintage  Bees",  which are available in my Digital Antiques Etsy Shop.  I love seeing what other artists do with my designs, and I'm so glad she shared these with me.  I feel a bit like a proud parent.  

Dawne doesn't have a blog yet, but maybe she'll consider it soon.  You can see her work in her shop.

More snow here tonight.  The Dog is not amused, nor am I.  Stay warm.  

1 comment:

  1. Ah....familiar images! These are some of my favorites, Jan, and ones I've used often! How nice that they were made for someone who keeps bees. Special.
    I like bees because they're so industrious and the results of their industry aren't bad tasting either! Especially in chamomile tea before bed.
    Hugs, Diane