Sep 9, 2010

Free is Good!

Over the last few years, I have accumulated a lot of wonderful free stuff from the web.  Images, tutorials, entertainment, friendships, it’s all there just waiting for me, because some kind and thoughtful person took the time to offer it.  Today, I want to give back, just a little, sort of a tiny piece of pay it forward.

elephant_tricycle I often run into really wonderful images that don’t have anything to do with the project I am supposed to be working on.  These are perfect to share with all of you.  Look at the expression on the  faces, of the dog and the children!  I love the elephant riding a tricycle and waving a flag!  And the little elephant is smiling.  Click on the image and save to your computer.


It really was a different world when “Little Girls from 6 to 12” dressed like this.  Wonderful illustration, even if it is an ad.  Wouldn’t they make great card or tags?  Click on the image  and save to your computer.

bonnetJust too precious.  Click on the image and save.

foot_muffFinally,, a foot muff – you knew that, right?  Remember the part about these being the images that didn’t fit?  A beautiful etching any way, and good for a chuckle.  Come to think of it, I could have used one of these last winter, especially when the power went off.

Enjoy the images, and make something wonderful.  Many thanks for visiting, from the Dog and Me. 


  1. Hi Jan, Thanks alot,-
    I love those 4 very different immages, and will save them, :)
    I have just shown my notebook ,-made with your Gothic Arches dige sheet-, on my blog---they were great for that project.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Jan, these old images are so sweet! Isn't it wonderful that there are still old books around so we can preserve them on our computers before they just become so fragile they fall apart.
    Hugs, Diane