Aug 14, 2010

New Items for Sale Tonight on TDIPT Mercantile

duo I will have some new Halloween things for sale tonight on the Mercantile, including these Vintage looking hangers..  These were inspired by the great Halloween cutouts from the early1910’s and i920’s.  I wanted to get that feel, and a kind of Primitive grungy touch.  I was pleased with how they came out.

boy_dogThese little cuties will be there too.  Such great faces on both the boy and the dog!

witchThis Witch and her Black Cat companion will be available tonight, too.

magazine_girlFrom a 1923 children’s magazine cover, she’ll be for sale as well.

The Dog and I invite you to drop in to TDIPT Mercantile tonight, about 9PM Eastern.  There’ll be lots of new work from the very talented TDIPT Artists for you to see.  Thanks for letting us tell you about it!


  1. Jan, I just love your work. Everything is so cool and I'm never disappointed.
    I'll be checking them out tonight!!!
    Best of luck TDIPT sis.

  2. Hi Jan, These are too cute:) I love 'em!

  3. Love these, Jan! So, does The Big Brown Dog get to wear a fancy ruffled collar too? That's adorable! Dogs just seem to really love to dress up and prance!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Jan, printer problems not solved yet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it prints in lines, sometimes it clogs. Sometimes the prints come out beautifully like your roses!
    I just ordered some transfer paper that Strathmore makes. I found it in the Dick Blick artists' supply catalog on sale for $6.19 so worth a try! And I also mention your etsy shop in our etsy shop when I use one of your images so I hope it sends people your way!
    Have a nice week!

  5. Hey Jan!

    It was lovely to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by to "visit" with me. I haven't been in blogland for so long. I've really missed visiting with everyone. Baby Paxton is staying put for now and I'm feeling my creativity again....just in time for the sleepless nights that are coming! LOL

    I got to take a peek at the Merc the other day and it's wonderful as usual. I love your offerings. Vintage Halloween is my favorite.

    Have some computer work to do tonight so I've gotta get back to it but I just wanted to come by and say hi and that I miss ya!

    Talk to you soon,