Aug 2, 2010

New Halloween Fun!


Farm chores have kept us busier than usual lately, with crops and preserving.  We’ll love having this harvest during the Winter, but it does take time and effort, even with all the modern conveniences we have.  I hate to think of the serious canning that was done in days gone by, in the  hottest part of the Summer. Those women were a tough bunch! 

I have spent some time working on new designs for Digital Antiques, including this new set of Halloween images.  Halloween is my absolute favorite Holiday, so this was a lot of fun to design.

witches_web1 witches_web2 witches_web3

It’s called the Witch’s Daybook, and includes all the information a well equipped Witch might need, from the School for Witches, to a new broom.  Available in my Etsy shop, you can use it to make Decorations, Make a fun Halloween themed Journal, for Note Cards, altered art and collage or scrapbooking.  I’ve included a form for making Party invitations,  and some blank pages for whatever you wish. 

tutorial_pix 036

I made an accordion style folder that stands up on a shelf or table, using the pages from the Witch’s Daybook.  I’ll show you how I did it tomorrow, in a simple tutorial.

Have a happy day, from the Dog and me.


  1. These are just a hoot! Love 'em!

  2. Thank you, Miss Diane! I had fun with them. Your new Etsy Shop looks great by the way.


  3. Hey, Jan, thanks for buying the pumpkin pattern! I wondered if it was YOU when I saw the receipt come through from Holly. Enjoy making it!! Can't wait to see what fabrics you use.

  4. HeeHee! I needed something, for a gift, and I think this will be just right. I'll send a photo when it's finished.

    By the way, the pattern itself is wonderfully presented, and very professional. Big thumbs up from me!