May 7, 2010

Thinking About Summer

We live on the Cumberland Plateau, in the westernmost portion of eastern Tennessee, and we got the same really heavy rainstorms which caused so much damage to the Nashville area last weekend. We're very thankful that they only caused very minor flooding in our area.
Since the storm ended, we've had wonderful, warm, sunny, days, just like early Summer. Even though it's really still Spring, it has me thinking about Summer. With that in mind, I found the perfect image to share with all of you.

I think she's lovely, and how perfect that it mentions "Summer" and "Tennessee". Click on the image to enlarge, then save it to your computer.

I've also been working away on some new items for my Etsy shop, DigitalAntiques. My latest brainstorm is another set of labels. This time they're for Vintage Fireworks, and perfect for Americana decorating, or 4th of July. I really like this set, partly because I loved fireworks as a child, and partly because it gave me a chance to work with those wonderful, decorative, type styles beloved by Victorian advertisers. Here are a few samples:

These "Old Time Fireworks Labels" are available now at Etsy, for digital download, and you can print them as many times as you like. Make a great display with papier mache or gift boxes, or simply frame them for a seasonal display.

More new things are on the way in the coming days, including more free images. Thanks for visiting, from the Dog and me.


  1. Jan, great stuff! And thank you for the freebie. I haven't had any time yet to use what I bought from you! Oh my aching back! Cutting fabric! LOL! I'm just a big sissie!

    Thank you for your comments about my Cottage Garden collection. Here's the link for all of it:

    *sigh* Hoping for a relaxing weekend. But first I'll be sewing a tea cozy from another one of my collections. I haven't sewn in months. I'll probably need a refresher course!

    Will go check out your new images now!

    Happy weekend! And I'm glad to hear you are above water! My daughter, who is a fan of country music, is very saddened by hearing about the Oprey and downtown Nashville. So much history lost...


  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for this lovely image, it is saved ,for later use,it is so sweet.
    Hope your day is beautifull, and happy.
    xo Dorthe