Mar 31, 2010

I've been working on new things for the Etsy shop DigitalAntiques, and some custom graphics and blog designs.
I've made a new set of tags, based on Vintage Post Card backs. I love the typography from that era! I even made some "faux" postage stamps to go with these tags, which should be fun for backgrounds as well.

I've also made a new Digital Image Sheet, called "Adelaide", a nostalgic, little, Victorian girl, perfect for altered art, ACEO's, cards, collages, etc.

If you haven't found Diane Knott's Musings yet, you're missing some beautiful and inspiring work. Besides being an amazing watercolorist, she makes beautiful tags and cards, and is very generous about sharing techniques and tips. Look at this butterfly!

I'm hoping to have some little tutorials ready before too long. If I could just get the Dog to be a bit more help.


  1. Jan, Give the dog a bone! ;-) I wouldn't help either without a treat!
    ;-) Love the new tags you made and thank you for blogging about me. Got the name spelled wrong though...Knott, not Mott! LOL! But ya got the link right! ;-)
    You're sweet to do this.

    I also love the style of your blog!
    You KNOW I'm a fan of old stuff!

    So glad I found you.

  2. Oh My, is my face red, Diane. My only excuse is that it was late when I was posting. It's fixed now, with my apologies.


  3. Uh-oh! Too much blush applied this morning! Maybe put your makeup on before you had your coffee! ;-)

    Jan, received the downloads! They're fabulous! So you're forgiven! :-) I am going to have so much fun with these! No doubt as I use them, they'll be posted on my blog so please come back and visit again!

    Hugs, Diane