Dec 1, 2009

Bakers, Start Your Ovens!

Are you one of the Holiday Baking Elves? I have such great memories of baking with my Grandma, during my childhood. Looking back, I don't know how she did it, but every year she'd have all six grandchildren over to bake fancy, cut out and frosted Christmas Cookies. Sugar cookies and Molasses cookies, with sprinkles and raisins and silver dragees. It was a magic time for all of us, and one of my best memories.

These Christmas Cookie tags and labels remind me of those times. They make wrapping and giving cookies such fun. Download them in my Etsy Shop and print as many as you need.

Look at what Lynn Barbadora did with some of the Santa's Pantry Labels!

It's such fun to see what such creative minds come up with. I hope you'll visit Lynn's blog, Painting Thyme Needfuls she has so many great ideas.

One last thing, I've added some new free Christmas tags to the sidebar, just click on the Santa face to download. A little gift from the Dog and me.

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