May 31, 2009

~~~A Day at the Fair~~~

Don't miss tonight's update on TDIPT Mercantile
All the fun of the old country Fair, seen through the eyes of some amazing Artists! Treat yourself to a visit.

The Dog and I recommend it.


  1. Jan, it was such a treat to get to see you & Don in Pigeon Forge for lunch today! Thanks so much for making the long drive over to meet up with us today. I just LOVE the Beautiful Wool Pin Keep that you made & the Special TDIPT Sister's Gathering Tag just took my breath away! How thoughful & touching! I will treasure it always, along with the memories of todays get together. Hope to get up your way next time! LOL! Hugs, Starla :)

  2. Popping by for a hello!!!! I think that it would be so fun to get together with all the girls... So nice that you got to meet some of the ladies in our special family!!! Hugs, MO