Oct 4, 2008

More Halloween Treats

More of my decorating for Halloween. As you can tell from the photos, I have a great fondness for little cubbyholes! Such fun to fill with seasonal objects.

This piece came from some old garage. I found it at the Hwy. 127 "Worlds Longest Yard Sale", that runs past the end of our road.

This cubby and the table it sits on are in our entry hall. I found them in different times, while we lived in California. The big doll on the left is from the TDIPT Fall Swap this year, and was made by the very talented Ragpatch Primitives. The Pumpkin girl, on the right, is from last year's Swap, and was made by Alleghany Annie.

Save the vintage images for your own Halloween projects!


  1. I love your cubby holes Jan, they look so warm & inviting.~~Pam

  2. It's gorgeous Jan! I like my cubbie holes, too. Just wish I could find one just big enough for me! ;)


  3. Ooooh Jan! Your Cubby is Wonderful! Love the way you decked it out for Halloween! I especially love the Old Lard Can too! Hugs, Starla :)

  4. Love the cubby cupboards. And the way you have decorated for autumn. I have yet to decorate...shame on me. I have some pieces out that I have purchased this year, but that is it.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful "finds", you are so lucky to have found them.

    Have a great day Jan.

  5. Hey you, stopping by to look at your blog, it sure looks wonderful!!! Hugs, MO