Jan 31, 2013

From Our Hearts...

During the month of February, many of the Artists on TDIPT Mercantile will be offering  a special item to raise funds for Animal rescue.  All the proceeds from that item will go to charity. Please, take a few moments to drop by and view the work of these wonderful artists!

Please join us on TDIPT Mercantile during the month of February when participating members will donate 100% of their sales from a select offering to charity.
This time around,
 Make a Difference Rescue in the Metro Detroit area and Branch County Humane Societyin Southern MI will be the recipients of the charity in our hearts.
To see more about these rescues, and the lives they save, please visit them by clicking on the links below.

And as always, Thank you for your support.

Many Thanks, from the Dog and me! 

Jan 23, 2013

New Postcard Designs

Here are some new Postcard designs, available in my Etsy Shop, Digital Antiques.  Click on the image to visit the shop.

I love these Vintage photos, and it was fun to combine them with ephemera and textures to make the Postcards.  There are six designs, in two sizes, and they could be used for invitations, cards, scrapbook pages, or even as postcards.

Jan 17, 2013

New Free Tags to Download

This time of year often plays havoc with my creative process, which is a roundabout way of saying that the cold and the gray days seem to make it a lot harder for me to come up with fresh and new designs. Is it the same way for you?  

That said, I have new set of free tags for you today.

There is a whole set of these fun number tags, from 0 to 9, for you.  Click on the link you'll find on the right sidebar to download them, then click on the file name, and the download button, then save to your computer. There are actually two sheets, and they include some blank  tags for you to make your own labels, or to use for whatever you need. That's what happens when all ten tags won't fit on one sheet!  I hope you'll enjoy these, I can think of lots of uses, including table numbers, tags for organizing storage, and on and on.

I hope you'll enjoy using these, and send some sunny days this way if you can.

Happy January, from the Dog and me.