Sep 29, 2011

Cock Robin and Jenny Wren


I found this charming page in an old book of Children's Nursery Music.  I thought it could be a wonderful background for collage or altered art projects, or even just for framing as it is.   Click  HERE  to download and save a good quality copy.

Looking at it, it occurred to me that it might make a great frame for a photo, or it could be the basis for notepaper or a tag, so I’ve also made another version, with just the outer design, in case you might want to use it.

cockrobin copy

This is a png file, with a transparent background – you won’t see any black background when you use it, and the tablecloth will match the rest of the border.  This means that you can add it to a background of your own choice, or use it to frame a photo, etc.  Download the png version HERE

Have fun with these, and make lots of art!  I’m working on a way for you to share your creations made with Digital Antiques freebies and graphics.  Could be a nice little creative boost for all of us, and  the Dog and I would love to see them!  I’ll let you know when I have that figured out.

Sep 15, 2011

New on Etsy Today

Wonderful Fashions from the Jane Austen Era, 
the British Regency period.

Available at Digital Antiques on Etsy.

Happy Thursday, from the Dog and Me.

Sep 13, 2011

New Christmas, and New Free Tags!

Things have been busy and chaotic around the Farm lately, and I was also involved in a Quilt Show, put on by the Quilting Group in our little town of Jamestown, Tennessee.  

I did manage to steal a bit of late night designing time, and made some new oval Christmas tags, with sweet vintage photos.

This set is called Vintage Christmas Oval Tags, and is available here, in Digital Antiques on Etsy.

I've also created a new free download for you.  I thought it was time for something "Fall", so here it is.

To download your copy, click on the tab in the right sidebar, and then click on "Download" at the top of the window.  Happy Fall from the Dog and me.